The good, the bad and the ugly – catch up.

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Hello to all of my readers both old and new! Finally, I have sat down and wrote my first blog post of the year. It’s been a while since I last wrote a post hasn’t it? Two months to be precise. Two very fun, exciting, busy, hectic and *sometimes* very stressful months.

When I say *sometimes* I mean *most of the time*.

I won’t lie, there have been a few occasions where I’ve found myself hiding quietly behind the bedroom door with a stash of well-earned, luxury chocolate biscuits and my life-sustaining cup of milky coffee merely trying (and failing!) to avoid the inevitable “MUMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY (insert everything you can think of here)…….” for just one cheeky biscuit. Or just one precious bite. Or a little, tiny, peaceful sip. Honestly, in those moments I’d take whatever I could get!

It’s safe to say that it has been testing time for us all. Having three children is hard work! I seriously applaud larger families – or even families who just generally “have it together” because honestly with three running around doing their own thing I think I need to develop some kind of unknown superpower!


Now that Pop has reached the toddler stage, Bear persistently pushing more and more boundaries and Zip hitting pre-teens early I think I need to get a better plan in place and quickly! This has become one of my top priorities for 2017 because quite frankly our current plan stinks! It’s not working which is leading to a lot of upset for everyone. So don’t be surprised to see more posts about managing behavior and appropriately enforcing boundaries in the near future.

But surely it’s not all been doom and gloom?

No, It hasn’t! There is good aswell as the bad and the ugly. But what have we been up to? Here are a few highlights of what’s been happening here at REOLife.

The Christmas Card Swap

In late November I took on the mammoth task of organising a Worldwide Christmas Card swap. This experience was absolutely amazing!! Bear even wrote her name all by herself and has now mastered writing and recognising her name.

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The children LOVED sending and receiving our cards. Almost every day we had something new posted through the door from a place far away. We received cards, letters, stickers, photos and pictures from New Zealand, Australia, Malta, Canada, USA, Kenya, Czech Republic, Philippines, Poland, Guadeloupe, Hawaii, France, Thailand, Germany, Wales and England. So many places!! I’ve decided to focus on one or two of these countries throughout the year to keep the fun going. I have a post coming soon all about this if you would like to know more 🙂



Home Education visit to South Yorkshire Transport Museum.

We got to ride on this!!! Enough said.

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Home Education visit to Studio 62.

Zip and Bear had lots of fun making these at a pottery visit I organised to Studio 62 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. We love the final pieces and can’t wait to go back

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Home Education Christmas Party.

It is amazing how the most simple of parties are usually the most fun. A friend of mine organised a little Home Ed Christmas Party and it was amazing. The kids had a fabulous time and didn’t want to leave.

Good food. Good friends. Good fun. Perfect!

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Zips 8th Birthday.

8 years since my first little baby boy was born. Where does the time go? He asked for a ”major lag upgrade” for his PC and a day spent gaming so we delivered just that.

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Well, what can I say? This Christmas was by far the best Christmas we’ve ever had. It was very peaceful and calm with no rushing around.

Christmas 2016 was extra-special to me. This was our first Christmas since our family became complete. Our first Christmas all together as a family. Also, the last Christmas had been pretty blerghh.  I could barely move with my ginormous belly which was housing Pop at the time. Thank Goodness for his eviction a week later.

Here are some snaps from our Christmas.


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Zip lost his front tooth.

Then he found it again. Yep. He put it under his pillow, the tooth fairy came and voila. It magically appeared in my cupboard! Ooops!

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Pops 1st Birthday

Another very special day! I think by this point Pop was thinking that once a week we randomly get a bunch of presents. We spent the day playing before going to soft play for a runaround. We also went swimming a few days later – Pops first ever time. He loved it!

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So yeah, it’s not only been a trying time but also very rewarding. Just look at those little faces. It makes it all worth it in the end, doesn’t it? 🙂



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