Scratch Project 1 – Trampoline Cat

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Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever easy-peasy Scratch Project. This project is called Trampoline Cat and it is a really simple project so it is great for beginners and Scratch noobs.

Are you ready? Then let’s get coding!



1) Load up a new project by going to My Stuff and clicking new project. You will then see this screen →



2) Click Events and drag the  block into the workspace. This block will detect when the green flag is clicked for your project and will start to run the code. All projects start with this block.Helpful tip: The

Helpful tip: The is a hat block. This means it blocks the code on the top.



3) Next, Click Control and drag the  Block underneath the previous block you placed. There should be a glow. See it? Stop dragging when you see it. This block is a loop cap block.

Helpful hint: Loops are blocks which you can put other blocks in. It will stretch to the right size so you can add more than one block in the middle of the loop if you need to. Cap blocks have a stopper at the bottom so you cannot place blocks underneath.




4) Click the motion tab and drag the block above the forever block. Helpful hint: If your scripts tab says “Stage selected: No motion blocks” then you may need help! You have selected the stage. To fix this drag your  over to the cat in the sprites. Then click the cat and try to do this step again.





5) Now click the Stage (white rectangle) next to the sprites. Select Backdrops at the top. Hover over the buttons and when you find the one which says “Insert Backdrop From Library” Click it. Then select the backdrop you like and click ok.



6) Go back to your cat. Add the  from the motion tab into your loop block like this.


7) You need to add the numbers in before you run your project! Click the numbers next to Y and type a really high number so It will look like this → 

Helpful hint: Try using larger and smaller numbers to see how this affects your project.



8) Now click the Paintbrush near the sprite section. Go to costumes and start painting a trampoline




9) Go to Scripts and add the “When flag clicked” block. Then add Under the When Flag Clicked block. Move the trampoline to where you want it


10) Now Click the Flag to see your project in action.

I hope you enjoyed my Trampoline Cat project. I’d love to see your project once done. Leave me a link down below so I can check them out.


By Zip

Age 8

6 thoughts on “Scratch Project 1 – Trampoline Cat

  1. Hey! It’s really nice to see an 8yrs old enjoying coding. If you like coding, just hang on to it. 🙂 Believe it or not, Scratch is used on some universities as an exercise at the beginning of some courses. For example Harvard and it’s CS50 course (C language). Scratch is an awesome playground, where you can see how some things really work in programming. When you know how things work, you have a great advantage in learning advanced programming languages, trust me. 😉 Good luck.

    1. Thank you for your comment Amazon. Zip has been coding since he was 6 and has recently started playing around with raspberry pi and python too. It is something he is really passionate about and will hopefully continue.
      Thanks again for commenting. He was really happy to see it.

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