Photography - Katie gets a camera

Photography – Katie gets a camera at last!

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I’ve always loved photography. I remember when I was a child I would save up my pocket money to buy one of those old, disposable cameras to take pictures of everything. I once stood for ages at the kitchen window snapping pictures of the birds who were stopping by for a quick snack in our garden. I saved my pocket money again to have them developed expecting to see some lovely pictures of the local wrens, thrushes and blackbirds only to realise that I had a bunch of pictures of the bird table and bath. You couldn’t see any of the birds well enough because I was too far away with no zoom options. Grrrrrrr. Nonetheless, I still loved snapping shots of things.


Whisky - REOLife
Our Whisky

And I still do.

I’ve always wanted one of those fancy DSLR cameras, but I’ve never had the cash spare for one. Or when we did have any spare cash it usually went on doing something with the kids.  So I’ve been making do with my (crappy) phone camera to capture those awesome moments in a photo. In one of my recent posts, I announced that I’ve chosen to focus on myself a little more so when we had some spare cash recently I took the plunge and bought myself a lovely Nikon D3300!!! Second hand, of course, to make the pennies go even further 😉


Church photography- REOLife
Black and White photography for my local group challenge

To say I’m happy is an understatement.

I arranged with the seller to collect the camera in the late evening. The whole day draaagggeeed. I was so excited – and rightfully so. It’s awesome! I’ve literally touched the camera every day since I had it even if it is just for a little play around. This has further taken me into the world of photo editing (aka frazzling my mind). But it’s all such good fun and I feel really happy that I’m doing it.


Pop allotment - REOLife
Pop at the allotment

Exploring photography further

I’ve been enjoying myself so much that I’ve decided that I want to learn more. I want to be able to take pictures like a pro! Photography is much more than just owning a decent camera – It really is an art and there is so much to learn and loads of settings to play around with. I’ve been looking into various photography courses, both local and online as well as joining a couple of photography groups.




MIL garden - REOLife
My lovely mother-in-laws garden

So yeah, this post is just an update about how I am going forward with doing things ‘for me’. I’m going to try and enter the world of photography and who knows? Maybe it could be more than a hobby one day? Maybe I become one of those pro’s I’ve always been in awe of.

I suppose I better start saving up my pocket money again for extra lenses now, right? 😉



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