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A fun new imagining of Peter and the wolf.

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A grumpy grandad, a vegan wolf and a boy who dreams of seeing the woodland animals. It’s a lovely, heart-warming show with awesome live music to bring it to life. You are guaranteed family fun!

REOLife The Civic Barnsley Pros Cons


REOLife was invited to The Civic in Barnsley review some of their family shows this season so Zip and I decided to go and watch Peter and the wolf from Goblin Theatre. We hadn’t heard of it before but we thought the description sounded alright, plus we’ve recently been learning a lot about animals as part of our home education, so why not? The description read:


“Peter and Grandad have gone camping for the weekend. Grandad says stick to the campsite but Peter has other ideas…

 Join Peter on a hilarious adventure through the fields and forest as he discovers new sounds and noises. Featuring animal antics of singing birds, waddling ducks, sneaky cats, and a rocking wolf. With new music lovingly inspired by Prokofiev’s classic, this is Peter and the Wolf as you’ve never seen it before.

 Goblin’s Peter and the Wolf is a brand new show with amazing music created live with a variety of instruments and objects, including real musical vegetables. Combined with imaginative puppetry, physical comedy and fun interaction, the show will have children jumping for joy.

 The show is an ideal and imaginative introduction to making music, and has a positive message about being kind to the world. A brilliant musical adventure for ages 4+”

But what did we think during our visit?

Before the show.


REOLife - The Civic, Barnsley

When we arrived we were guided up the stairs and told to take a seat in the waiting area however the waiting area was minimal so there was no seating left. We were also given a childs themed activity worksheet which Zip really enjoyed. We used a stand instead of a table which was absolutely fine because Zip was tall enough to reach but I’m not sure younger children would manage so well. The bar was also open with the chance to grab a can of pop before the show started.


During the show.


REOLife - The Civic, Barnsley


The show itself was fun and entertaining nevertheless both Zip and I were a bit confused as to what was happening at some parts. Zip exclaimed ” This makes no sense” more than once through bursts of laughter – and I have to agree with him. It didn’t! We struggled to understand grandad some of the time, although it just added to his crazy, grumpy character. All in all it was still very entertaining and the actors were wonderful!


REOLife - The Civic, Barnsley

After the show

Firstly I discussed with Zip what he thought of the show. He described it as crazy but fun and insisted that we checked the timetable to see what else was on. He insisted on visiting The Civic the theatre again to see Bright Sparks which I will take as a huge win for the theatre!

So guess where I will be again later in the week? Yep, you guessed it. We are going back!

So if you are looking for a lovely afternoon with the kids then be sure to check out the timetable at The Civic. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Civic Barnsley REOLife


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