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Cheap, quick and easy Halloween Treat Bag Ideas – no sweets

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Are you an unorganised parent?

Yep, me too!

I’m usually running late, missing something, or shopping last minute for some sweets for the Halloween trick or treaters. This is how it has always been.  But no longer! I’m warming up my brain and giving myself a huge kick up the butt this year! The preparations have begun early for Halloween 2017.  (I know it’s not THAT early but this is still a miracle!)

We are going to celebrate Halloween like no other this year as we look at the origins of Halloween and celebrate our first ever Samhain too!

Yayyy!! It’s going to be so much fun!

But then I started thinking about my goodie bags. What am I going to give to our spooky visitors?

Usually, everyone in my neighbourhood hands out bags of sweets, lollipops, chocolates, crisps, biscuits and sometimes small plastic toys. I want to do something a bit different and put a bit more thought into it than buying a super-sized bag of Haribo’s. I want to give things that are a little less wasteful, suitable for people with allergies or dietary requirements and much less sugar. Plus, I want to involve my kids in the giving and making of the goodies. BUT, I also have a very tight budget!

Is it even possible?

I think it is! And I want to share all of my goody bag ideas with you. Are you ready?


  1.    Grow your own pumpkin kits

Don’t throw away those pumpkin seeds from your prized carving. Instead, make some simple DIY Pumpkin kits. You could either make tiny envelopes from paper like these ones here or use half of a toilet roll tube like this, add a tiny label such as  ”Grow your own pumpkins”. insert a mini instruction sheet and BAM… You have DIY Pumpkin growing kits 🙂 They may just inspire a whole neighbourhood of future gardeners 😉 This is sure to be a favourite!


2. Spooky Playdough

You could make some spooky playdough treats like these cool ones from Onekriegerchick. Make some simple playdough and place it inside a biodegradable caddy bag. You can then decorate the bags (e.g. ghosts for white bags, spiders for black bags, monsters for green bags). Don’t forget to label as ”Play dough”.


3. Scary pencil toppers

OK. These cute ones from auntie annie from don’t look so scary but I’m sure we can make some Halloween themed ones 🙂 Roll out some air drying clay to create a sheet. Then cut as many Halloween shapes as you want. Before they dry make a hole in the bottom of the topper with a pencil so it will sit snuggly. Leave them to dry then paint them as required. You could add them to your goodie bag as they are or on the top of a pencil.



4. Clementine Pumpkin

I love these clementine pumpkins! Tes, they are food but they are healthy and super simple to make! 🙂


5. Crayons

Save all of your broken crayons, and collect them from your friends too, to make some awesome Halloween crayons. Simply add broken crayons at random to the moulds then bake for multicoloured crayons or you could melt the crayon first and layer like these from Chica and Jo.


6. Bracelet/necklace kits

These bracelet kits are really cool and again, easy to prepare. You could even make your own paper beads 🙂





And that’s it (for now). Do you have any more ideas? Which one is your favourite?

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