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YouTube Channels for Home Education

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What are the best educational YouTube channels? I see this asked a lot. Well, if you’re looking for the coolest people to subscribe to then look no further. Here is a list of cool channels your kids will love without a kinder egg or unboxing in sight.


The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning for both kids and parents.

They explore everything from numbers to dinosaurs through short animations and songs. They also have THIS cool feature which allows you to feature your child in a song.

Best for? Under 10’s. Mostly aimed at younger ones.

Don’t missOuter Space Song

Coma Niddy Educational Youtube VideosComa Niddy

We are massive Coma Niddy fans. He creates fun and catchy science raps. This will be a firm favourite.


Best for? Any age.

Don’t miss How do we find exoplanets? (Our personal fave)

Wonder QuestWonder Quest

Stampy cat + educational content = BIG HIT with the kids. The fully animated I Wonder series featuring Stampy is fantastic. It covers things such as energy and as always promotes kindness, co-operation and teamwork.

Best for? Minecraft fans

Don’t missSolid, liquid or gas?


This channel really does offer a huge variety. From physics to economic, it covers topics in a thorough and engaging way.


Best for? Parents & Teens, although some tweens might be interested.

Don’t missThis playlist about games.

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids

From the produces of crash course comes crash course kids. This channel really does make science simple.


Best for? 7+

Don’t missNormal stuff in not-so-normal places 

mathanticsMaths Antics

Rob & Jeremy over at Maths Antics make maths a little easier to understand for everyone. Although it is based on the American system, it has still proved to be a valuable source.

Best for? 8+ although it is geared towards older children.

Don’t missDecimal place value 



TedEd is a collaboration between experts and animators to create educational videos worth sharing. What is great about TedEd is that you can create free lessons based around their videos HERE.

Best for? Tweens & Teens

Don’t miss – Can you solve the bridge riddle?


National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids playlists are an exciting way to discover the very best of YouTube. These playlists cover topics such as animals, cool science, funny pets, and more.

Best for? Animal & science lovers

Don’t miss – They offer loads of activities on their website too.


MinutePhysicsMinute Physics

Doodle style animations covering different physics and science stuff.


Best for? Teens

Don’t miss What is dark matter?


Babble Dabble Do

Babble Dabble Do

A creative steam channel to encourage families to get imaginative.

Best for? 3+ (Can do crafts together as a family)

Don’t miss This is a bubble



Red Ted ArtRed Ted Art

Here you will find craft ideas for kids and grown ups. The crafts are designed to be made from everyday things so you can get crafting right away.


Best for? All ages.

Don’t miss – Easy Paper Spinners – STEAM Color Theory


What Do We Do All Day?What do we do all day?

Creative ideas for curious kids. Here you will find videos about math art, easy science, DIY games, and snazzy arty play ideas.


Best for? 5+

Don’t missMagnet busy jar


It's Okay To Be SmartIts OK to be Smart

Joe Hanson, Ph.D, is a curious group of atoms in a curious universe, and he’s here to tell you how it all works.


Best for? 8+

Don’t missDo plants think?


SciShow KidsSci Show Kids

SciShow Kid explores all those curious topics that make us ask ‘why’? Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks explain fun, complex science concepts for young, curious minds


Best for? 5+

Don’t missWhat is a tornado?



From the hit CBeebies show comes this channel which has helped thousands of children learn to read with phonics.


Best for? 3+

Don’t miss – Visit the website for more fun activities and games


Image result for Amoeba Sisters

The Amoeba Sisters

This channel was created by two sisters on a mission to demystify science with humor by creating free videos, GIFs, handouts, and comics.


Best for? 10+

Don’t miss – Free handouts for the videos on their website


Image result for bbc teach

BBC Teach

This channel features more than 1500 clips from across BBC Learning.


Best for: All ages

Don’t miss – The Viking sagas 


Related image

The Funky Farmer

This channel was created by a dairy farmer called Richard Cornock from Tytherington in South Gloucestershire, England. These videos show farming from the farmers point of view and give you a hands-on experience of life on a small family farm which you rarely get to see.


Best for: Animal lovers

Don’t miss: Happy Cows skipping out to grass for the first time this year.


Image result for gastronaut


If you’re looking for cool, exciting and funny video’s then this is the channel you need.  BBC Presenter Stefan Gates and his team explore unusual edibles, weird and wonderful food science, bizarre chemistry, extraordinary physics, mindblowing technology and some very strange cooking indeed.

Best for: 5+

Don’t miss: Gastronaut Live: The best science shows in the world.



Which channels do you love? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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  1. This list is great to have on hand for the kiddos. My son is only 2, so he’s not ready for most of them, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy some of the 3+ ones, especially the alphabet one. 🙂

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