A Review of the Code-a-pillar by a kid

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I will be reviewing the Fisher Price Code-a-pillar. I found it very interesting. It comes with 8 modules which you can mix and match to make your Code-a-pillar go! The modules it comes with are are 3 x straight forward, 1 x silly sound, 2 x right turns and 2 x left turns.

The Code-a-pillar with 2x straight modules and 1x sound module.

The age group for the Code-a-pillar is 3 to 6 years but I think some older children would like to play with it too, like me! It is very good for little kids as it is very simple coding and you don’t need to read any words to code it.

When you turn the Code-a-pillar on it makes lots of fun and silly noises. You can then put the parts together in any order and you can use as many parts as you like. Then press the power button on its back and watch it complete your code. Each part lights up and flashes as it is following your instructions.

The modules connect together using USB. I can put them together easily but my little sister who is 3 couldn’t seem to put them together.

My little sister watching it go!

I love the code-a-pillar but there is a downside. If you want to get more blocks to add new sounds or directions you need to buy an expansion pack =( These cost between £12.99 for a single 360° turn module and £22.99 for three sound modules.

Even though I would love to have all of the packs I don’t think you need to buy the extras to have fun and learn to code.


If you have any questions about this toy then please ask in the comments and I’ll try to help.


I give the Code-a-pillar 4/5 stars

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