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Remember my post about the parcel full of cultural goodies we received from Singapore? (You can see it here )


Well, what did we do with the cool items we got?

I wanted to make the most of each item before placing them carefully inside our Asia continent box so I organised a two-day mini China celebration which would focus experiences rather than remembering facts. I was really excited to do this small study!

Most of the shelf space was swapped with items and activities associated with China (or Asia) in some way and I used the chinese lanterns to decorate. The lowest shelves were for Pop and the higher for Bear & Zip.




Mandarin name painting


I used this online translator to find the children’s (and Whisky’s)name in Mandarin and made these cards with pronunciation. I added some thick cardboard and a little black paint with a paintbrush to make this simple painting activity.

It was a big hit.





Scented painting with spices.


I wanted to engage all of our senses for this study so I prepared this painting with spices tray. This activity was also well received and filled our house with scents from Asia. We used saffron, five spice and bunga telang. The colours they produced were wonderful and came out surprisingly vibrant.. To create the paints I added a teaspoon of spice and a little bit of hot water. I then left it overnight to give the colour a chance to develop. Next time I will try and thicken it up a little too.




You could also make smelling bottles as to further work on the sense of smell. I love this post from GiftofCuriosity about using our sense of smell.



Mandarin phrases writing.imag4207


I made some small little cards featuring various Mandarin well wishes. I presented them with the traditional silk notebook and enameled pen from our special delivery. The cards could also be used as a matching activity as there are two copies of each character.

You can download them here for free.




Zip didn’t show any interest in writing any of the characters but Bear thoroughly loved this work. She carefully tried to write a character on each page.



Taste test



Again, I wanted to engage all of the senses so we tried a new fruit and made some mini fruit kebabs. I used two of the skewers and fresh mango, kiwi and dragon fruit. The children selected their fruit and threded them on the skewers. We we’re all pretty nervous to try the dragon fruit. Zip insisted that it looked like frog spawn but it tasted lovely – A bit like melon!





Map work



We used our aeroplane to fly from the UK to Singapore and compared our flags and talked through the journey while discussing the countries and oceans we would pass.





Tea making


This activity was the biggest hit of all. We used the bunga telang to create play tea and had a mini tea party. At first, we tried to make tea bags but soon discovered that it did not work. Instead, we brewed the flower directly in the tea pot creating a lovely deep blue tea. We had hours of fun and the children kept coming back to this activity.


Pops fine motor activity.



I really wanted to involve Pop as much as possible. I prepared this little activity for him. It’s simply a utensil holder from our kitchen with some red and yellow ”chopsticks” from a game we have. The idea was for him to put the chopsticks in the holder, however Bear also enjoyed slotting them in the holes.




We also used the red packets to make a red packet hunt, the tikam tikam to create a maths game and tried to play with the capteh. It was so fun (and difficult!) We ate Chinese food, had fortune cookies and lots more but unfortunately I’ve lost some of the pictures. I blame technology!


I hope you liked our China activities. Many thanks to Three Minute Montessori for the fabulous items for our activities.






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